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Day of Joint Replacement Surgery

What to bring to the hospital

At Joint Care, you will be able to wear your normal clothing on the first day after surgery. Because you will be exercising, out of bed and walking in the halls throughout the day, you should bring loose-fitting clothing such as shorts or sweatpants. Bedroom slippers should have a non-skid sole and enclosed toe and heel. If you already have a walker, you should bring it to the hospital. Please remember to label any items with your name prior to your hospital admission.

Of course, you will want to bring a robe, socks and sweater or sweatshirt due to room temperature changes.

Joint Care Checklist

  • Bring your personal walker with you. If you do not have a walker on the first day, please let your nurse or case manager know so that one may be ordered for you to use in the hospital.

  • Bring a list of your medications. Remember to take note of the dosage amount and when you take it.

  • Bring your home CPAP or BiPap machine with you for your hospital stay.

  • Bring clothing that allows plenty of room for the dressings, such as loose-fitting shorts (knee patients) and one size larger shorts/pants than you normally wear (hip patients).

  • Nightgowns or pajamas for ladies and pajamas for men are appropriate.

  • Bring non-skid socks (one pair will be provided).

  • Bring your glasses, contact lenses and hearing aides.

  • Bring personal toiletries, including lip balm.

  • Bring a pen and notepad for writing notes and questions.

  • Bring a personal DVD player, movies or personal computer (the hospital provides free Wi-Fi).

  • Bring reading material, playing cards or handheld games.

  • Bring a list of phone numbers for family, friends and your pharmacy.

  • Bring a smile and a “ready to work” attitude.

Arriving at Madison Hospital the day of joint replacement surgery

Arrive at the hospital at the time you were instructed by your surgeon’s office. Park in the front of the hospital. Take elevators to the 2nd floor, exit left, and check-in at the reception desk.