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After Joint Replacement Surgery

Post-Operative Planning & Support

Recovery is an important part of the Joint Care experience. Being aware of your discharge options and developing a discharge plan before you are hospitalized is very important. On average, most knee and hip replacement patients are in the hospital for three days. Shoulder replacement patients typically stay for two days. That means patients do not have much time during their hospitalization to develop a discharge plan. It is important that you participate in Joint Care Orientation so you can hear your options for discharge. Keep in mind that the type of insurance you have plays a role in what options are available to you for physical therapy following surgery.

Options for continued physical therapy:

  • Home health physical therapy

  • Home exercise program

  • Outpatient physical therapy

  • Inpatient rehabilitation facility for a short time

The clinical education specialist will discuss these options in more detail at Joint Care Orientation. It is strongly recommended that you have a second choice or plan for therapy in the event your first choice is not available due to insurance restrictions or lack of bed space at an inpatient rehab facility. Remember to plan ahead.