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Bringing New Life, Naturally

Natural childbirth, as the term suggests, focuses on birthing without epidural anesthesia or other medical interventions.

At Madison Hospital, we have many ways to support mothers who wish to experience a natural birth. Certified nurse midwives and labor and delivery nurses collaborate closely with OBGYN physicians to help ensure that labor progresses safely – with pain management options available if needed.

Proponents of natural childbirth say it can offer women a profound connection to their body and a deep appreciation for the birthing process as they welcome new life.

Here are some other potential advantages for mother and baby:

  • Reduced interventions: Natural childbirth may reduce the need for medical interventions such as epidurals, which can have side effects for both mother and baby. It can also lead to a shorter labor and delivery, and a faster recovery time.

  • Pain management: There are many natural pain management techniques that can be used during childbirth, such as massage, breathing exercises and relaxation tools. These techniques can be effective in helping mothers cope with the pain of childbirth. For those who need a little extra support, nitrous oxide and delivery aids such as birthing balls, peanut balls and a squat bar are available at Madison Hospital to assist with your delivery.

  • Enhanced Bonding: Skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth can promote breastfeeding and strengthen the mother-baby connection. Known as the "Golden Hour," this time also helps regulate baby's breathing, blood sugar and sense of security.

  • Positive birth experience: Many mothers who experience natural childbirth report feeling more empowered, in control and connected to their babies.

It is important to note that natural childbirth is not for everyone. Some mothers may have medical conditions that make it unsafe for them to attempt natural childbirth. Others may simply prefer to have an epidural or other pain relief options. No matter what your birthing experience looks like, we are here for you and your baby.

Discuss your individual circumstances and preferences with your health care provider to determine the safest and most suitable birthing plan for you.