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Meet Krishna Srikakolapu

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I'm thankful to be part of a community that genuinely supports its local hospital. For some Madison residents, that means allowing us to deliver their precious baby or perform a needed surgery.

For Krishna Srikakolapu, supporting Madison Hospital means serving on our volunteer hospital board.

Like many in Madison, the Srikakolapus are an engineering family. Krishna works at Huntsville Utilities as Director of Information Technology and has three degrees – in electrical engineering, industrial engineering, and business administration-finance. His lovely wife, Sudha, is also an engineer.

Their sons Harsha and Siddhu are both Eagle Scouts. Harsha works for Huntsville Hospital; Siddhu is a medical student at UAB.

Despite his busy work schedule, Krishna makes the time to volunteer. In addition to the Madison Hospital Board, he serves on the nonprofit boards of Huntsville Hospital Foundation, the Madison Industrial Development Board, and Huntsville India Association.

Krishna has lived in Madison since 1998 and understands why it's so important for a growing community like Madison to have a top-notch hospital.

“Having a well-equipped hospital in close proximity can make the difference between life and death during a medical emergency,” he told me. "Madison Hospital is not only a crowning jewel for our city but is a blessing to this community."

I lean heavily on the wisdom and experience of Krishna and our 12 other board members. They provide crucial guidance as we work to meet Madison's ever-evolving health care needs.