In the nick of time

In the nick of time

Lead CT technologist Robin Jackson can vouch firsthand for the effectiveness of Madison Hospital’s imaging technology.

Driving to the hospital one day in August 2017, Jackson began having trouble breathing. She made it to work but her boss, Imaging Coordinator Leslie Wallace, insisted that Jackson go down the hall to the Emergency Department.

Jackson’s doctor, Daniel Andress, MD, was concerned and sent her for an emergency CT scan on the very machine she works on every day – with one of her co-workers, nuclear-medicine/CT tech Jessica Hartline, at the controls.

The scan showed a massive pulmonary embolism clogging both of Jackson’s pulmonary arteries and interrupting blood flow to her lungs.

Jackson was sent by ambulance to Huntsville Hospital, where radiologist Austin Bourgeois, MD, administered a powerful clot-busting drug called tPA. Jackson returned to work a few days later and is now completely healed.

“I was really lucky,” she said. “Most people don’t survive that type of clot.”

Jackson said the frightening ordeal gave her a new appreciation for the work done by Madison Hospital’s Imaging Department. The department offers a wide array of state-of-the-art imaging technology including CT (Computed Tomography) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanners, X-ray, ultrasound, EEG, echocardiogram and nuclear medicine.

“I felt like I had exemplary care, both at Madison and Huntsville Hospital,” said Jackson.