Breastfeeding Support Services

Madison Hospital supports exclusive breastfeeding because of the proven health benefits. Our staff includes certified lactation consultants and maternity nurses with special training in breastfeeding support. We are available to assist new mothers with breastfeeding immediately after delivery, throughout the hospital stay and after you go home.

Our lactation consultants also provide many outpatient services for breastfeeding mothers.

  • Free phone consultations
  • Office visits by appointment to continue breastfeeding support even after mother and baby go home
  • Free Breastfeeding classes to help expectant mothers prepare for their new baby
  • Support groups to offer information, advice and support for breastfeeding mothers

To make an appointment with a lactation consultant, please call (256) 508-9009 or (256) 457-0403.

Breastfeeding Moms' Groups

Our breastfeeding moms' groups provide ongoing support from Certified Lactation Consultants, answers to questions and solutions to common problems, weight checks with infant scales, and connections with other new moms who are also meeting their goals.